Were he alive today, my grandfather would say that we live too fast. Too fast to appreciate life, to enjoy real feelings on our skin and in our heart. For reasons nobody can give context to, we opt to deliberately miss the beauty and nuances of true emotion, lost as we are in a world bathed in artificial blue light.

A pity — A waste.

John Sterner is the antidote to the disposable culture. A sanctuary for those who want the refinement that real life still has to offer. We take a very humble material, wool, and turn it into knitwear garments that bear an understated level of elegance and finesse.

“It seems my ambitions and standards are always high. With Stutterheim I had a very clear goal to create a stylish modern raincoat, which I think we achieved. And with John Sterner, I want to explore whether we can make the world’s finest knitwear from our base on a small Swedish island.”